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Looking for reliable, patient-centered care? 
Galaxy Healthcare Services puts patient needs first.

Why choose Galaxy?

Galaxy Healthcare Solutions is a Home and Community-Based Services. We are dedicated to providing excellent, innovative support to our people in the comfort of their home, in the community setting of their choice. 


We pride ourselves in offering

  • Strong patient/caregiver relationship

  • Integration into the community to foster trust and connection

  • Experience staffing for Medicare, Medicaid, and patient-payers

  • Low provider overhead 

  • Demonstrated professionalism

  • Competitive pricing

  • Minority-owned Certified Business Enterprise in the District of Columbia



We are designed to offer flexible services with minimal overhead to maximize service and customer satisfaction. Our company has a long history of service and connection to a variety of DC communities, giving us a wealth of experience and strong relationships to patients and care providers. 

Our waiver patients IDD/DD or EPD will always enjoy the time spent with our care givers.They will find joy ,hope and relieve and will stand to embrace their future...



Galaxy Healthcare Solutions offers the best in care, pricing, and reliability. Contact us now for a quote >> 
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