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Galaxy Healthcare - your trusted provider of medical and non-medical staffing and care managent .

About Galaxy Healthcare Solutions


Mission Statement:

Galaxy Healthcare Solutions, Inc. has served healthcare needs in the District of Columbia since January 2013.Our mission is to provide innovative high quality and comprehensive healthcare services to DC residents, including seniors and adults ages 18 and up that will enable your loves one to lead meaningful and productive lives as vibrant members of their families, at school, at the work place and any other place in the community. 

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services that ensure continuity of support and preserve quality of life, promoting community inclusion and integration, independence and individual success. Our specialty is in serving a diverse population with cultural competency, linguistic capabilities, and a caring, person-centered approach. 


Vision Statement:


Galaxy Healthcare Solutions' vision is to strive to provide to your loves ones innovative support and services that will assist them in achieving their dreams to live an independent and confortable live in the most integrated setting appropriate to their needs. At Galaxy Healthcare Solutions, we assist you in reaching your full potential and enjoy self-determination.





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