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Best Quality of Life in dignity!Galaxy Healthcare Solutions, Healthcare Redefined!
Everyday, we bring Hope, we put a smile on your Face with our innovative supports in the comfort of your home and  in your community!
Reliable Support Services for Independent, Comfortable Living 


 We are dedicated to providing comprehensive health care services to ensure continuity of care and preserve quality of life of the Greater Washington area residents as well as promoting independence and individual success. 

Our services cover the full range of innovative support and services to our people with Intellectual Disabilities:


1) Day Habilitative Services:

-Small Day Habilitation

-Day Program

- Individualized Day Supports

-Employment Readiness

-Supportive Employment

2) Residential services:

-Host Homes(Cominig up...)



-Supported Living(Coming up...)

-In-Home Support Services



Better Care Starts with You!
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